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Are you ready to quantum-shift your results?

Ella is an intuitive coach and leader in her field who supports high-performance professionals and entrepreneurial men and women quantum leap their current results in life, love and business by stepping into Masculine-and-Feminine-Alignment (the integration of their heart, mind, and sexual energy) – so they can take back their authentic power, break through the glass ceiling, live a life of meaning, leave a legacy and dramatically increase their impact and their revenue.



David Fagan – Speaker, Author, Expert. Former CEO of Guerilla Marketing

Unlike the majority of coaches and therapies on the market today who focus on 1, or maybe 2 aspects of the self i.e.: mind, and or body.
Ella has revolutionised the industry and the results she helps her clients achieve working with what she calls all '4 bodies' simultaneously, these are: Physical. Mental. Emotional & Energetic.


“When one area of life is suffering, the whole will suffer. We must approach the whole to facilitate fast and lasting change.”
- Ella Hall

Ella uses a unique combination of 

Elite coaching

level healing



that generate her clients' Breakthrough results and lasting transformations in real time.


Those who work with Ella...

  • get a leading edge on the competition,

  • accelerate peak performance and 

  • achieve more, by doing less!

“Ella is a Mentor you can trust"

John Toomey

Speaker, Health Educator, Thought Leader Current Global Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Workplace Wellbeing Initiative

Breakthrough Success Call

The Next Step - Clarity

"Knowledge is power. Clarity is power amplified." - Ella Hall

If we could develop a plan to move forwards that gives you the following:



The wellspring of excitement and encouragement to desire and be willing to make changes and take inspired action consistently!



The true inner confidence you need to make the changes necessary (mind, body, energy and emotion) to take you ever closer to having all of you want...


The wisdom to know WHY, WHAT and HOW to change.

What would that give you?



To find out if working with Ella is right for you, for a limited time, she has opened her calendar for you to receive a FREE Clarity Breakthrough Call: 

This is an opportunity for us both to get super clear and on the same page with where you are now, where you have been and where you deeply desire to go!
During this time I will help you identify and pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from having everything you want, and I will help you map out a clear action plan moving forward.
I will also take you through how I can best serve you to have an imminent breakthrough, and I will be sharing some ways we can take the next most powerful step forward together, if that feels right for the both of us, and is a "F" yes for you.

With her real-raw-energy she has appeared on SBS Insight TV, The Morning Show, Triple J Radio, KISS FM is a frequent Speaker at Sexpo Melbourne, a contributing author to Your Well-Being: Sunrise Edition, and is regular guest contributor for magazines, top blogs and podcasts in Australia and the U.S.

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What others are saying...

"Ella's approach is almost impossible to put into words. It needs to be experienced before it can even begin to be explained. For the complete 360 degree, total mind, body and spirit experience I recommend you trusting Ella with your time and resources."

David Fagan - Speaker. Author. Expert. Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing.

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"A natural born leader Ella blows people away with her ability to captivate and engage an audience. She is bold in her essence, her energy is big... She has been dedicated to awaken and honour the feminine both in its fierceness and soft receptivity".


- Shaney Marie - Creator, Mentor, Sex Witch & Visionary

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"I now know exactly what I’m doing now and what I’m meant to be doing and how to do it - and how to extend that to my team. I woke up with utter clarity and I feel so empowered. Everybody, you have to experience working with Ella, she’s a genius."

- Ian Jacobs -3x World Kickboxing Champion, Trainer, Speaker & Celebrity

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"Ella is an incredible intuitive with a massive tool kit who truly walks her talk. After a session with her, I always feel calm and centred, empowered, deeply aligned, and clear on my next steps of expansion."

- Krystal Hille
Hybrid Publisher/ 
Visibility & Transformational Visionary

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"I would highly recommend Ella's work and techniques to successful, ambitious men and women who want to take their life to the next level. Whether it is feeling burned out and wanting to experience more peace and pleasure to wanting to see positive change in your love life and business."


- Clare Elizabeth Dea Performance Artist, Keynote Speaker, Money Mentor for Creatives

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